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About Us

About Locus Vie

Locus Vie is a distribution company for home decor products in North America.  We focus on small European design companies that are looking to make an entrance into the North American market.  

The first brand we are promoting is Hidraulik:  a premium brand of floor and table mats, that marries design with functionality.   Designed and manufactured in Barcelona, Hidraulik is reviving the iconic spirit of the original hydraulic tiles.  Locus Vie is the exclusive distributor for Hidraulik in North America.




Steeped in history

The first hydraulic tiles were produced in Barcelona in the mid nineteenth century.   The creativity and durability of these attractive yet functional handmade floors caught on quickly and their use spread across Europe and beyond.

Designs with great personality

As these stunning floors grew in popularity, many famous artists contributed their designs, such as architect Domènech I Montaner and painter Alexander de Riquer, leading to some of the most enduring patterns and spurring the creation of many famous hydraulic tile manufacturers, including Orsola Solà, Butsems y Cia or Escofet y Fortuny.

Neoclassic, geometric and inspired by nature, the patterns were bold and original.   Landmark buildings and palaces, and all variety of homes across Europe were decorated with hydraulic tile floors in new colours and shapes.

Modernism and Art Nouveau 

Art Nouveau aesthetics are part of the architectural and cultural fabric of Barcelona.  Today, the aesthetic of these iconic tiles appeals to a new customer base that appreciates classic designs but with a contemporary sensibility.   With , the spirit of these timeless patterns is reimagined with modern materials, colours and designs.


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